Dan created most of his journals between the ages of 15 and 22, although several small notebooks created previously are included here among his earliest books. He started his more formal journals in 1985 for a school anthropology trip and an English class. At the same time, Dan was beginning to travel around Kenya more often and to take more photographs. Both his adventures and his images made their way into his books. You can read more about the journals in this excerpt from Dan Eldon: The Art of Life, by Jennifer New.

Filled with ephemera from his young life — newspaper clippings, food labels, call girl cards picked up in London phonebooks, and even grains of rice — the journals are fragile. Today, they are stored at the Los Angeles country Museum of Art and are not available for most of us to see. By clicking on the journal covers above, however, you can experience the journals. Flip through the selected pages by using the red arrows on the bottom of the window to navigate.

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