It’s been said “you can’t be passionate about something you suck at.” We believe that’s true. That’s why we are turning our attention to creating a groundbreaking toolkit to help young Creative Activists get really good at creating social change.

In collaboration with Global Youth Fund and the Ashoka Foundation, we are producing The Creative Activist Toolkit as a series of presentations that can be viewed and downloaded online.

Each chapter will share insights and inspiration from other “creative activists” and let you in on the secrets of their success.

In the first few chapters, you will learn how to:
1.    Address root causes of a problem, not just its symptoms.
2.    Create a simple and effective video about your project.
3.    Get media attention for your project.
4.    Make a real difference on the issue you care about.
5.    Communicate your message and make an impact.
6.    Develop an effective strategy for change.
7.    Create a presentation for fundraising.

Check them out, put them to use, and let us know if they helped you or how we can improve them.