Dan Inspires in Ecuador

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Dan Eldon Legacy, Inspired by Dan

Students at Academia Cotopaxi International School in Quito, Ecuador transformed their personal experiences into visual autobiographies. The pages of Dan’s Journals served as inspiration for the students’ work. The high school artists featured here, Juliana Passos and Sofia Sandoval, were both enthralled by the life and work of Dan, particularly his unrelenting need to put his ideas, thoughts, and experiences into visual images in his journals. Both students were particularly inventive in the presentation of their work. Juliana, grade 10, presented her story as a package mailed from her ‘future self’ to her ‘child self’, passing on her valuable experiences and knowledge.  Sofia, grade 9, presented her work as a “crime scene” dossier complete with all the tools necessary to solve the mysteries of her life, leaving it up the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

Dan’s legacy lives on through his wildly unique journals. Thank you Juliana and Sofia for sharing your beautiful artwork!

What is your “Dan story?” Has he inspired you to make a journal of your own? Did you take up photography or plan a safari with your friends? Let us know by emailing sara@daneldon.org!