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Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Dan Eldon Legacy

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“Dan has been an inspiration to me since I was 19 and Kathy, Amy and crew continue to inspire me to carry on being an artist and a dancer regardless of the trials and tribulations I have been through. I am now 25 and have just finished my degree in fine art and my next step is to eventually become an art therapist or work with a team of people like yourselves to help others. I also one day hope to publish my art journals, so far I’ve finished 3 and I have a whole world to see first before that happens. Dan and his family have inspired me to become a creative activist and at the moment I have itchy feet to travel and help others through my art and also with my dancing. At the moment I am a struggling artist but one day in the near future I will buy one of those amazing Dan Eldon T-shirts! lots of love katie x,