NEW! Dan Eldon Apparel

Posted by on Aug 1, 2010 in Artist, Dan Eldon Legacy, Inspired by Dan, Videos

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“The Dan Eldon Project is a collection of clothing inspired by the life of artist, photographer and creative activist Dan Eldon, whose young life was cut short while on assignment for Reuters in Somalia. It wasn’t just a job that took him there, but a passion for raising awareness about the famine and civil unrest that could no longer be overlooked. Having visited more than 40 countries in his 22 years he was no stranger to helping when most would rather hide and began pursuing chariable acts of kindness as a teenager and never stopped.

“From the age of 14, he began expressing his deepest emotions in leather bound journals that went with him on each safari, assignment and philanthropic odyssey. In them were photos, art crafted with found items, and insightful words, these journals provided the inspiration and art for the Dan Eldon Collection.

“Designed by “Ever” Creative Director, Jason Bleick, the first collection will consist of premium tee shirts that feature the iconic images and art carried throughout Dan’s work. Proceeds of the sales will benefit the Creative Visions Foundation.”