Tiyeo’s First News Story

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014 in Dan Eldon Legacy

One day while Rachel and I were helping carry cement blocks in Grippis, I started talking with Tiyeo, a senior in high school, about her dream of becoming a journalist. Having majored in Journalism myself, I couldn’t help but offer to bring my camera the next day to film Tiyeo’s very first newscast. It is definitely a highlight of my trip.

Without further adieu, I present to you Tiyeo Mubita – my gorgeous, smart, strong, and talented Zambian friend!


I understand Tiyeo’s desire to tell stories. It’s a desire I have had for a long time because I see journalists as an important part of society. They are on the front lines of war and are holding powerful people accountable. They are mouthpieces to the world of both good and bad news.

Dan Eldon was a fearless photojournalist. He was on a mission to show the world the war and famine in Somalia. So many journalists like Dan have risked their lives for a story, but more importantly for the people in the story. I hope Tiyeo and I both have an opportunity as journalists to give people a voice because ignorance is not bliss.

three aspiring journalists

Tiyeo, Sara, and Liberty all hope to be journalists one day.