Alex Sinclair

Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Inspired by Dan

Alex Sinclair I was born in London in August of 1982 — 6 months later I had moved with my family to the United States — at the age of 12 I returned to England to attend boarding school where I was shut out the art course due to my art being “too sketchy”. Luckily the boarders were given a wall for “graffiti” where I honed my skill in painting. A few years later I was a stock photographer though due to the economic climate in the states I was soon made redundant.

So later on, I went to art college, to change my path in life, where the fine art teacher (a previous student of the royal collage of art) introduced me to the book “The Journey Is The Destination”. I was inspired by the way Dan Eldon used his journals to express himself and document his life using a mixed medium of materials and styles. It was then I started doing my journals as a way to transpose my work to a smaller more collage style of work.

I now run my own production company, DLE Films, with another artist, He and I are now creating short films in the underground London film scene; though we are now branching off into mainstream cinema whist keeping our ties with the advent-guard experimental scene. We are also working on our website,, where we eventually want to showcase our films.