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Bill Egsieker
Curator of the Online Gallery for Dan-Inspired

I first learned about Dan Eldon a few years ago through a friend of mine, Gayle Montgomery. She is an artist who saw the book “The Journey Is The Destination” by Kathy Eldon. Gayle produced 22 collage pieces to represent each year of Dan’s life.

I was so inspired by her exhibit and Dan’s work, I got up one morning and decided I needed to write a song. I had never written a song before, just fooled around with my musical keyboard. The only way I can explain why I did it is it felt like Dan himself was leading me. I started with a basic tune my Great Uncle Bill had written years ago. The chorus of the song is the basic song of Uncle Bill’s. After reworking it and writing the words, my song “Dan’s Dreams” was born.

I produced the music and fed it through my computer where I was able to record my voice for the vocals. As you can hear in the song, I am not a professional singer, but it is my Dan-inspired work. Whenever I would run into a problem writing, playing the music or singing I would ask Dan for his help. Within a short time of asking, the inspiration for what I needed to do was there. I am sure many of you who have Dan Eldon inspired artwork feel the same way.

The more I learn about Dan Eldon, the more I want to learn. I am so thrilled to know Kathy Eldon and to be part of this website. I hope many people who are inspired by Dan, Kathy or Amy Eldon will join me in sharing their work.

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Be Touched By The Light

After writing “Dan’s Dreams”, I felt the need to write another song. I woke up one morning singing the phrase Be Touched By The Light. In the dream, someone kept telling me to sing along. I said I didn’t know the words. They said “It doesn’t matter, just sing along”.

So I started using the chorus of what I had heard in my dream and went from there. That is how “Be Touched By The Light” came about.

The version here was performed by Our Redeemer Lutheran Church “Maker’s Choir”, located in Overland, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

I am very grateful and want to acknowledge Dawn Tayon, the choir director, for her arrangement of the song and to all the kids who performed it.



Dawn Tayon (Choir Directior)

The Choir:

Justin Tayon
Viken Wellman
Tyler Elder
Christina Pritchard
Alyssa Albert
Keslsey Clark
Hannah Pauluhn
Michelle Niewald
Katie Allinger
Janey Wesche
Jennifer Reisenbeck
Brennen Maher
Jordan Bailey Katie
Beth Schmidt
Jessica Scruggs
Catherine Peistrup
Kori McClanahan

My thanks to the entire Maker’s Choir for their hard work in taking my song from paper and turning it into reality. Thank You!

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