Juan Gongorin

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Juan Gongorin

I’m a medical doctor and also a photographer. During 2006 i spent 4 months working with a medical NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Once i was back in Argentina, the country where I live, I started looking for places to show my art.

Looking in Amazon.com for Lana Wong’s Shootback book, I got to know your web page, and I must say that I had such a crash at Dan Eldon and his life. I cried so much when reading the articles. I just bought both Lana Wong and Dan’s books online. I definitely want to join Dan and try to make this world a better place.

Juan Gongorin

while my companion Mariana took a picture of this group of kids, i took mine, with all of them facing her. I found interesting how very young kids are used to carry their brothers and sisters helping their mothers since they are very little. This was in Kavumu, were Mariana’s health center was. On my way out of Congo, i spent a couple days with her. July 2006.


this boy was playing with his friends and were them who asked me to take the picture, because they found him to have something special, that’s what they said. This was in Walikale. As soon as i downloaded the pic in my pc i totally agree with them. I was shocked at the look in his eyes, such serenity and calm is strange to find in a boy his young. May 2006.

la dance:

while walking in Birere, Goma, this group of kids were having fun all together, we took lots of pictures, but find this one to be special, as the elder ones, girls in their teens, ask me if they could dance in front of the camera. When i said yes, such a feeling of happiness appeared in their faces that made the picture so brightfull. June 2006.

punto de vista:

same group of kids from ‘la dance’. In Birere, the streets are black because of the lava turned into dust. I find this picture to have a nice contrast between the colourfull outfits and the black of the floor. And you have the innocence, the dirty faces, the droping noses, the Congo kids. June 2006.


most congolese children help their parents, taking care of the younger babies, or carrying their products from the farms to the market. While walking from my house in Walikale to the health center i would come across this young workers, proudly showing their huge bananas to everyone. Mayo 2006.


in Mubi, Teritoire de Walikale, this kid would spoil almost every picture i took, by jumping in the scene when i was about to shoot, or pushing the other kids. When i said ok, let me take a picture of you, he gave me this sweet smile, and then it was so clear to me that he only needed a bit of attention. We continued walking together, and he ended up being a great assistant to me. June 2006.