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Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Inspired by Dan

3-smEveryone needs a voice. Everyone needs a way to express themselves, something that allows themselves to “speak”. My journals are my voice. They’re the way that I express myself the most easiest, the most comfortably, the most freely.

I can’t remember exactly how long ago it was that I learned of Dan Eldon, but I still remember how I felt looking through his journals. The fact that I am only a few years younger than him and how much more he had lived in his short life time than I did, that profound punch of a memory still stays with me today. I devoured the first book “The Journey Is The Destination” then was happy when Jennifer New published her book that “told” some of the stories that weren’t divulged in the journals. I still look at both books often. I collect books on journals and these are two of my absolute favorites. The only thing that saddens and bothers me is that there won’t be any more from Dan.

I’m a Boston native now living in Los Angeles. My journals have been somewhat of a salvation to me. I use them to not only record my life, express myself but to also work things out. I’m self taught (I took one drawing class in MA at Mass College of Art, but it wasn’t my cup of tea…so I figured out other ways to expressing myself using books, paint, pens and collage).

I have kept a journal all of my life of some form or the other. Now I’m a mixed media artist and instructor across the U.S. even though at times, I still feel like that little girl sitting on the floor with pen, paper and crayon in hand. I use my journal and my artwork to communicate, educate, and inform not only myself but those that glimpse through its pages. I try to be very active and informed of world events and document them (and my reactions/emotions) in my journals. My art is my voice that speaks for me and my books are open for all to see.

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