Rita J. King

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In 2004, King was the recipient of two first place awards from the New York Press Association (NYPA) for in-depth reporting and spot news coverage of the nuclear industry and environment. “Ruminations,” her weekly opinion column which appears each week in the North County News in Westchester County, New York, has received three awards from NYPA since 2001.

The Ruminations on America Project was dedicated to Kathy and Amy Eldon to commemorate the twelfth anniversary of Dan Eldon’s death on July 12, 1993. Investigative reporter and columnist Rita J. King is currently interviewing one person from each of the fifty states (in alphabetical order) on their respective lives, states and state of the union to discover the truth about core American values–beyond those promoted by the mainstream media. A man who runs an AIDS program in Delaware also happens to be a High Priest of Wicca. An African-American former welfare mother from Arkansas now identifies potential leaders in disenfranchised communities and teaches them how to pull themselves out of poverty–and teach others to do the same. A Muslim attorney in Florida practices Constitutional law and handles civil rights cases. An intimate portrait of life in the United States, from domestic crises to foreign policy.

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King’s essays, articles and photographs have been published (some under byline Rita Ferrandino) in diverse publications, from the cover of the Village Voice to the Sunday Travel Section of the New York Times. She has written two stories for the Village Voice’s ongoing coverage of terrorism. She recently completed a novel, The Transfer of Energy.

Dancing Ink Literary Productions is King’s business, and she writes intimate stories about people’s lives for private use within families to foster increased understanding between members. The projects range in length from short essays to books.

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