The Dan Eldon Project

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Inspired by Dan

Dan Eldon apparel in stores.On July 1st, the Dan Eldon Project apparel line launched in 22 the top boutique retailers across the country and Japan. The Dan Eldon Project is a collection of clothing inspired by Dan’t life and art, with the proceeds benefitting Creative Visions Foundation. The line is designed by Jason Bleick, creative director of EVER clothing and is being built by Marc Weintraub, a local clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles. Marc’s daughter Zoe, who was working with us as an intern last year, originally had the idea to create a line of shirts featuring Dan’s art as a way to generate a stream of income for the foundation. She went to her father with the idea – and he has been instrumental in putting the line together with the help of his friend, Jason. As it turned out, Jason had already been a longtime fan of Dan’s art, and often turned to his copy of The Journey is the Destination for inspiration. Both Marc and Jason have become two of our most passionate supporters, and are amazing Creative Activists in their own right.

Fred Segal in Santa Monica, one of the top retailers in Los Angeles, approached CVF about exhibiting Dan’s art in conjunction with the apparel line as a way to help tie in Dan’s work. On September 1st, we unveiled the first retail exhibit of Dan’s art – with eight prints of journal pages digitally mastered by our friends at Digital Fusion and framed by AJ Mason ). Incredible things are happening as the line gains strength and popularity – and we’ve had our first celebrity sightings in our shirts.

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Dan Eldon apparel in stores.