The Journey is the Inspiration: William J. Charlebois

Posted by on May 29, 2014 in Inspired by Dan

WilliamCharlebois.ImageTwoI wish I could remember exactly how I first learned about Dan Eldon. There was probably an article in one of the many magazines my sister buys. After reading about Dan, I ordered the book The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon. The photos of Dan’s journal pages were amazing. Their content immediately drew me in. It was the first time I had seen art journaling. Dan was definitely an early explorer of the genre. The story his pages told were both heart wrenching and fascinating. I remember thinking that he was the kind of person I really wanted to know. Unfortunately, Dan Eldon had been tragically killed by the very people he wanted to help. I used to participate in many zine swaps. I decided for one of them I wanted to create a zine about Dan. I briefly described his life story and included the art he inspired me to make. There really aren’t any words that can describe the legacy Dan Eldon left behind him. Thanks to the efforts of his mother Kathy and his sister Amy, his story will love on forever. I know Dan will always be a major influence to those of use who love and create art.

William J. Charlebois