The Journey is the Inspiration: J. Dean

Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Inspired by Dan

j. dean

Dear Dan,

I never met you, but learning about your life has resonated deep within me. I felt a connection that has no barriers when it is about another soul’s journey triumphing in the dark and ugly spaces. Your life took you to a wider World than mine has been, in which you met and connected with so many people and places and dangerous situations. You were a young warrior fighting for knowledge, understanding and healing, for those you saw in need. You gave your energy, resources and life for others. You wanted to help those in need of food and shelter and safety. You wanted the whole world to know what was going on and what needed to be done about the violence and suffering wherever you found it. I imagine you as just a small boy who grew up wanting to shine a torch on injustice, hypocrisy and ignorance, and grew up to be a glorious young man who went out to make that happen. Who burned so brightly, and lived so vitally. You saw the injustice. You shouted it out, alongside others like you. You dug deep within yourself, and into what was important. You died too young.

My life has been one of self-protection, wanting safety and peace, as well. From the war zone I grew up in as a child in a home of domestic violence. And I am here, and you are gone, and each day I am given, I want you to know, I am willing to work on creating harmony wherever I can, however I can, for you and others like you,

You glorious young man!

J. Dean