The Journey is the Inspiration: Mary Beth Shaw

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Inspired by Dan


I first learned of Dan Eldon when I lived in California. One of my art posse had watched a special about him on TV and told me about it. I bought Kathy Eldon’s book and examined each page carefully.  It was 2001 and I was a budding collage artist. Truth be known, I couldn’t yet use the word ‘artist’ to describe myself. I was moved by Dan’s story and touched by his body of work, especially the dedication to art that had developed in him at such a young age. His work seemed heartfelt and thoughtful in a way I feared I might never achieve.

Flash forward to 2004, we had moved to St. Louis, MO, and I attended “The Art of Life” exhibit of Dan’s Art and Photography. Being in front of his photos and collage reproductions split me open. I felt an energy coming from his work. Such a young man yet such an old soul, playful and profound at the same time. I was so sad I could never meet him.

It was years before I found my own true voice as an artist and the courage to express my deepest and most raw beliefs took even longer. The journal spreads I have included were made when struggling with my feelings about my mother’s cancer.

Mary Beth Shaw