Thomas Brooks

Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Inspired by Dan

My name is Thomas Brooks. I am 19 years old and live just outside Brighton in Sussex England. I am about to begin a degree in photography at Kent Institute of Art and Design. I am hoping to pursue a career in photojournalism even though I am frequently told that it’s a fast fading trade.
I spent some months traveling abroad with my camera down the east coast of Australia and through South East Asia. I met some amazing people, surfed most of the east coast of Australia, traveled up the mekong delta on a cargo boat, (rescued an ineberiated Bo, my guide, from drowning, and drank too much rice wine and banna rum myself with the crew and was hospilized in Saigon suffering from severe dehydration and food poisoning!). Learned to speak Pidgin Laos and experienced the Buddist new year. I ate bugs in Thailand, became a qualified diver, swam with sharks, got attacked by a trigger fish, learned that Quebec really isn’t part of Canada (so I was repeatedly told) and that Americans are Canadians in Vietnam… and a million other things.
Dan Eldon’s photography and journals had a very deep influenceon my decision to pursue photography as a career and to travel.