Some comments from the guestbook that accompanies the traveling exhibit:

“I have seen many installations but none so moving. Thank you for sharing Dan’s life with us. He is an inspiration to us all, having accomplished so much in so short a time.”

-Daron McLellan

“Thank you for sharing this work with us. I found it very moving. I had such a sense of peace after being here a few days ago. It inspired me to go home and draw, something I hadn’t done for years.”

– R. Bixby

“Dan’s brilliant work and powerful messages touched me deeply. I am overjoyed that Dan’s light can still shine.”

-Jim Sullivan

“After I stopped saying, ‘My God,’ I wanted to cry.”

– Ken Kielham

“Heartfelt. His life was an inspiration to all. Just seeing this exhibit changed my life.”

-Kathleen Carson

“Thanks for bringing this exhibit to our college. Dan’s spirit is so strong it keeps lighting fires of inspiration to this day. His work and life has affected me profoundly. I hope I can light a fire as big as Dan’s.”

– John Rios