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The term depot is defined as a place in which supplies are stored until transported to another place to fulfill their purpose. Dan called his bedroom his depot. It was a place where he stored his collections of pens, markers, postage stamps, snakeskin, and magazine clippings – really anything he could possibly use in his journals.

Dan’s father, Mike Eldon, created a new depot in the wake of his son’s untimely death. To honor Dan’s life, Mike took the idea of Dan’s depot and used it to create a place to inspire leadership and collaboration for businesses, youth, and women in Kenya.

DEPOT stands for Dan Eldon Place of Tomorrow. It is a place where Dan’s bravery and endurance are encouraged and embraced by the leaders of tomorrow. Located in Nairobi, Kenya, it serves as a place to learn personal potential and gain problem-solving experience. The DEPOT engages people of varying genders, backgrounds, and ages to build teams, discover themselves, plan strategically, engage in the community, and lead as a positive citizen of their community and the world. It is a continuation of Dan’s knack of engaging, leading, and helping the people around him.

By training the hands of the crafters of the future, the Dan Eldon Place of Tomorrow embodies the definition of a depot, a gathering of entities awaiting transport to a place their purpose may be fulfilled.


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