Let Dan be YOUR inspiration

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in On the Road
My Desiderata…Courtesy of Dan
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If the journey is the destination

then make sure that you enjoy the ride,

knowing it is ‘foolish and hazardous’

not to dance along the way.

Travel lightly as you go,

smile broadly and often,

filling others with your cheerfulness.

And when you tell the story of your journey,

tell it with vigour and vibrancy.

Warm the hearts of those who listen –

but also make them think

as they reflect on their journeys,

journeys past and those that lie ahead.

Celebrate the goodness that you find around you;

enjoy the goodness too that lies within.

Be useful, be significant,

be the fullest you that you can be.

Much of this I learned from Dan.

He was my happiness guru, my significance guru,

forever telling me ‘Lighten up, Dad’,

forever dreaming big dreams and living them.

Let him be your inspiration.

You’ll love it.

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-Mike Eldon, July 12th, 2013