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Gauguin in Africa“Gauguin in Africa”

While Dan Eldon was attending Pasadena Community College in Southern California, he and his roommate Eiji Shimizu birthed the idea to raise money for a relief project for Mozambique’s civil war refugees. After making a pact to do something about it, Dan and Eiji recruited friends to form the Student Transport Aid, STA for short. As Dan said in his mission statement, “Select your team with care, but when in doubt, take on some new crew and give them a chance.”

The 14 members of STA spent the spring months of 1990 meeting, planning and fundraising. Skeptical of how the money would be used through an aid organization, the group decided they would go to Malawi themselves. In the summer of 1990, eight guys and six girls between the ages of 16 and 21 embarked on a 3-week trek in Kenya, following the route marked in black through Tanzania, and down to Malawi.

“It’ll be just like a dormitory on wheels,” said Dan to his father as they discussed the potential worst-case scenarios prior to the trip.

They traveled in two vehicles: a Land Rover named Deziree and a Toyota dubbed Arabella. The group usually found cheap motels, but on one particular night, they illegally set up camp in the Tanzania Mikumi National Park.

“The next morning we busted out through a newly made road, made in fact by Dr. Croze and I,” wrote Dan within the piece. Dan and his best friend Lengai bush-wacked their way out of the park to avoid paying a fine. He ended the piece with a dedication “to all those who lost their lives during the dramatic escape from Mikumi Nat. Park.”

The team survived the escapade out of the park and safely arrived at the refugee camp a couple weeks later to deliver the $20,000 raised and offer aid where it was needed.

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Dan’s story is an inspiration for us all to explore, create and live life on safari. Whether he was driving his beloved Land Rover through Africa or just wearing a silly hat while grocery shopping in Los Angeles, Dan made each day its own adventure. I would love to hear how Dan has inspired you!

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