A Message in a Bottle

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Twenty Years On

Picture this: You’re walking along the beach. Your bare feet sink into the cold sand with each step you take.  The waves are crashing and nearly reaching your toes before the water slips back into the vast ocean. Looking down, you start picking up rocks and shells that catch your attention.

Looking down the beach, you spot a glass bottle. At first, you’re slightly annoyed by the litter, but as you get closer, you realize it’s not some indecent person’s trash that washed ashore. There’s something inside – paper! A note! It’s a message in a bottle.

Obviously, this isn’t an everyday occurrence, but I think we can all agree that our immediate reaction would be belting out Sting’s “Message in a Bottle,” right?  The excitement would be uncontainable!

We received pictures from one of the few lucky people to have a message in a bottle experience. It was found a few years ago in La Push, Washington. The note inside listed a few reminders and catch phrases, along with the quote, “The Journey is the Destination.” It was signed, Dan Eldon.

Dan’s story has been told in newspapers, books, blogs and documentaries, but a message in a bottle is the newest mode of communication.

How did you hear about Dan? A carrier pigeon? A crop sign? Hedwig? Send your story to sara@daneldon.org.