Safari + Party = Safarty?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2014 in Twenty Years On

Tomorrow, Thursday September 18, 2014 marks what would be Dan’s 44th birthday! Here at Creative Visions, we take birthdays very seriously, and by seriously, I mean we go big! How big? A safari and a party!! In other words – what Dan did best.dan dancing GIF

So first, if you live anywhere close to Malibu, CA or if you want to book a flight real quick, we are having our final Sundowner of the summer! (Wait, what. Summer is over?) Sundowners are a Kenyan tradition that we’ve adopted. It’ll consist of great people, yummy snacks, booze and a real good time. We will be celebrating Dan’s birthday and we want you there! RSVP here.

PLUS! All day leading up to the Sundowner/birthday party we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Creative Visions Photo Safari! It is our way to celebrate Dan’s wild, creative, and adventurous life! Last year, our team went all out. This year, we want all of you to join us! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for the official list of items to accomplish and then post which ones you complete to Instagram! Just remember to use these epic hashtags: #daneldon #whatwoulddando [and go ahead and follow us while you’re at it!]

Take the challenge. We dare you. It’ll be a hella good time.